Year 1: 250 attendees

Year 2, August 12-14: Anticipating 500 women

* Please bring a receipt of your ticket order for registration

* ATM on site

* Cars are welcome

* No pets

* No fires

* No ticket refunds

* If you bought a ticket for a friend please bring receipt and stand in line with friend at registration

Food: We will have food trucks, beer, and full breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. Bring your own food or buy at the event!

Water: There will be water available for free on site

Beer: There is free beer on site from Everybodys Brewery in White Salmon

What does my ticket buy me?

Tickets $45.00: What does this get you? An experience unlike anything you have experienced before! $45.00 covers the 80 acre lodge, insurance, food, shelter, beer, staff, security, water, port-o-potties to name a few.

Camping/ Lodging

There are 40 acres of land for riders to camp on at The Dream Roll. Please NO FIRES and please pack out your own trash and use ash trays for cigarettes!

Flying L Ranch - Rooms and lodging SOLD OUT

Other Accommodations : Mt. Adams Lodging


  • We will provide water but it never hurts to be bring a little extra
  • 32 oz water bottle
  • Headlamp
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Towel
  • Cup
  • Extra snacks (kind bars, power bars)
  • Sun block
  • Warm Clothes
  • Sweater
  • Hat
  • Rain Jacket
  • Sun glasses



11-1 - Meet at Two Stroke Coffee for a meet up and ride out to The Dream Roll

Address: 8926 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203

Registration: Starts @ 3:00 pm

3-5pm - Arrivals and Registration:  Everyone needs to sign a waiver before entering camp

6-3am - Music, food, tattoos, beer and fun


7- 10 - Breakfast: Fruit, Juice, Coffee $2.00

Full breakfast available at lodge for $12 Email:

9 - 10:30 - Day Rides

1-:5 - GET OUT AND HAVE FUN! We will have a food truck at the location for lunch and dinner

• women are of course welcome to come back to camp at anytime during the day

5 - Dinner ( Food Trucks or go to town for some food)

6-7:30- Biker games & Raffle

7:30 -11 Live bands, food, beer, tattoos, fun, games


7-10 - Breakfast

11: Clean up camp and head out!



We will have various Biker Games at The Dream Roll this year.

Saturday @ 6 pm

Check it out:

Slow race - Last one across finish line wins. Can be done 2 at a time or up to about 5 at a time. Winner of each heat goes back to start line, losers are out.

Plank ride - Riders ride down a wooden plank, furthest distance wins.

Pylon ball place - 2 person event, rider does a serpentine through pylons and passenger places a tennis ball on each pylon.

Water balloon toss - 2 person event, rider drives under an arch and passenger throws water balloon up and catches it on other side. Requires a prop built out of wood or Plastic Pipe.

Beer keg push - 2 bikes at a time roll a beer keg to the finish line. Requires beer keg / small aluminum barrels.

Wiener bite - Judged event - uses the same prop as the water balloon toss. Passenger attempts to bite as much of the hanging wiener off while driver drives through prop. Weiner plastered with mustard.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is there late registration at The Dream Roll?

Yes, there will be a registration desk at the entrance of The Dream Roll

Do I need to bring a physical ticket to TDR?

If you purchased a ticket we have your name in our records, bringing the TDR ticket is not necessary

I can't make it, can I give my ticket to a friend?

Yes, but please bring the receipt of ticket. New attendee will be in place of original purchaser.

Can I bring my friend for the day to Dream Roll?

Anyone who attends The Dream Roll must purchase a ticket

How long is the drive from Portland Oregon to The Dream Roll on Mt. Adams, WA?

The ride is about an hour and 30 minutes

Should I bring water and food?

We will have food trucks for purchase on site all day, free water and beer. There are several stores and gas stations about 2 miles away from the location.

Do I camp or need to find additional lodging?

The Dream Roll has limited cabins and lodging available for campers. For 2016 all lodging and cabins are sold out. There is plenty of room for everyone to camp, 40 acres of wide open land.

Lodging 20 minutes away: