The Dream Roll 2019

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2019 INFOrmation

  • Cash ONLY

  • Cars $20/ea for entry. Cars will receive a hangtag for display

  • Fee is WAIVED for Cars/trucks trailering motorcycles but you must park in main lot of resort. If you prefer to park next to campsite the $20 fee will be applied


Motorcycle Rentals

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Common Questions

  • What does my ticket buy me?

What does this get you? An experience unlike anything you have experienced before! Your ticket for The Dream Roll helped us rent out an entire Lake Resort! It gives you free camping, water activities, staff, security, and an entire weekend of amenities. You will have access to food on location, multiple tattooers tattooing all weekend, lead rides to Crater Lake and surrounding areas, maps of the area, OHV dirt bike trails, a bar on location and lots more.

  • Is camping included with general admission ticket?


  • Is lodging included with general admission ticket?

No, lodging in a cabin or hotel is not included. There are tipis and wall tents available to rent (SOLD OUT)

  • Do I have to ride a motorcycle to attend?

Absolutely NOT! We invite women from all different backgrounds to the event.

  • Is food included in ticket purchase?

No, but we will have food available for purchase.

  • Can I bring a friend with me for the day for free?

No, every attendee must pay for a ticket.

  • Can I get a refund on my ticket?

We do not to refunds but we do do transfers. You can sell or giveaway your ticket then contact us and let us know who you transferred it to! They will need you to do this to be on the registration list at the event gates


  • Please bring a receipt of your ticket order for registration

  • Please bring cash

  • If you identify as a woman you are welcome

  • Cars are welcome

  • No ticket refunds

  • If you bought a ticket for a friend please bring receipt and stand in line with friend at registration.

  • Tickets are transferrable - if you sell your ticket or give it away, e-mail us with your name and the name of the person you’re transferring your ticket too