Each year we try and host different activities to encourage a spirit of community and fun! Below are a variety of activities to try out this summer. Do one or do all of them! 



Bring your skateboard, and join our skate contest Friday August 11 @ 8:00 pm or learn how to skate on Saturday August 12, hosted by Skate Like A Girl! We will have a 16 foot wide skate ramp available on site!


White Water Rafting! 
Try something new this year and book a full or half day of white water rafting on the White Salmon River with River Drifters. For the next month use PROMO CODE: Dream Roll to receive 10% off your purchase. Make sure to #DreamRoll on your adventures down the river!



Come play kickball with us Saturday evening 6 PM! Winning team gets a round of beer and some goodies! 

In short, games are played with 11 fielders, 5 innings, 2 base coaches, bouncies, no head shots, one base on an overthrow, forced outs, no ghost women, and bunting is allowed so get a good catcher on your team. The following rules will govern all kickball games.


Lower Lewis River Falls

The famous Lower Lewis River Falls is a 1h30 minute ride from camp. Enjoy the mystical water on a hot summer day! Ride leads leave at 10 am!